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“The #30daylivechallenge” IS NOT A COURSE!

  • It’s NOT a course filled with hours of fluff and not enough stuff 
  • It’s NOT group coaching where your coach only meets once a week and you're lucky if you can make it

It is ---

It is a 30 day live challenge where I send you an email each day with the topic you'll do you're live about so you don't have to worry about creating your own content

The emails will deliver you a video a day where Coach Corey gives you some of his best kept secrets on how to go live to BUILD your audience and GROW your business

Coach Corey's 

Online Journey

Coach Corey hit the ground running in 2018 in the online business niche when his daughter was born and he quickly...
  • Built Several Facebook Groups to 1,ooo+ Members
  • He Spoke On Stage With Some Of Todays Top Marketers
  • Became An Amazon Best Selling Author
He achieved all of this in his first 18 months of starting his online entrepreneurial journey!

Now he wants to help you do the same and his #30daylivechallenge will do just that!

Why Is Video So Important?

If you take a look around, you'll quickly realize that when it come to growing a personal brand or business online all the major players have one very important thing in common...

They ALL do video in one form or another!

That was the #1 SECRET that Coach Corey discovered that he quickly implemented to EXPLODE his online presence and gain AUTHORITY is a very short period of time.

The 30 Day Live Challenge Changes Lives and NOT Just 


When it came to growing his Highly Engaged Facebook groups to 2,000+ members in 90 days, there was only one thing that separated him from all the others that were trying to do the same thing...HE WENT LIVE!

That's the #1 thing he wants to help you with, you see there are 3 reasons why most people are afraid to go live and they are...

Top 3 Reasons People Don't

Go Live On Facebook




imposter syndrome


#1 APPEARANCE: People are always their hardest critics but the fact of the matter is...No one really cares what you look like as long as you're giving them the value that they're looking for. 

#2 IMPOSTER SYNDROME: People believe that just because they haven't reached the highest level of success that no one would want to listen to them.

#3 SELF-DOUBT: I'm too young, I'm too old, I'm not Smart enough, No one will want to listen to me. These are all just your self doubts trying to stop you from achieving your highest success.

Coach Corey has seen these things hold people back time and time again, so he decided to do something about it!

Introducing the #30DayLiveChallenge

Coach Corey's #30DayLiveChallenge has changed the lives (NOT just Facebook Lives) of hundreds of people by helping them crush their fears of going live and getting in front of a camera.

He'll help you DESTROY your limiting beliefs and break through your Comfort zone to get you totally Comfortable and Confident on camera so you can take your Brand or Business to the next level.

Past members of the #30daylivechallenge have gone one to do remarkable things..

One member launched her own course and made almost $500,000 in 90 days!

Another member went on to create a coaching program that generates over $10,000 a month and has done over $1,000,000 in sales in his first 18 months!

And recently one of his first members to complete the challenge got the Clickfunnels 2CC award!

What Is The #30DayLiveChallenge?

Coach Corey walks you through his 30 day proven process to give you the confidence you need to succeed to 

Go Live on Facebook and Grow your brand or Business


Are you ready to crush your fears of being on camera and break out of your comfort zone so you can take your brand or business to the next level?

Coach Corey's #30dayliveChallenge is Exactly what you need and its been proven time and time again!

Some of his previous challengers have went on to create 6 and 7 figure businesses!

One of his previous challengers even did over $500k in just 90 days, shortly after going through his challenge!

Another just got their 2 Comma Club Award from Clickfunnels!

How the #30DayLiveChallenge Works

Over the course of 30 days, Coach Corey will send you and email each day going over what the topic of the day is and why its important. He'll also share a video in each email that'll give you strategies to start building your following and priming your feed to get more people to start watching your lives once you decide to do them on your own page or inside your own group.

During the #30DayLiveChallenge you'll be Going Live inside of Coach Corey's private Facebook where he has built one of the best communities of like minded people that'll be there to encourage and support you during your challenge.

A new challenge starts on the first Monday of the month so if you miss a day... that's ok! All you'll need to do is start over again the following Month. Just be sure to save your emails so you know what the topic of the day is.

By the time you're done with this challenge, you'll be a brand new you, excited for what the future holds for you!

Step #1 - Accept the Challenge

The only way to complete the #30daylivechallenge is to start the challenge.

The amount of confidence and comfortability you'll gain will greatly benefit you in all areas of your life.

All you have to do is accept the challenge!

Step #2 -

Check Your Email

Make sure to check your email to make sure you'll get all 30 days of topics that you'll be using throughout the #30daylivechallenge
  • Check your spam folder
  • Check emails daily for topics of the day with example video from Coach Corey
  • Make sure to click the button at the bottom of each email in order to receive your next days topic
  • A link to the Facebook group will be in your first email with a password you'll need to join the group

Step #3 - Become an Unlimited Lifer!

A new challenge starts on the first Monday of the month, so prepare yourself and be ready to Go Live for the first time in the group on the first Monday next month.

As soon as you join, get active and participate in other peoples live videos so you can enjoy all the benefits from the others in the group.

Once you've completed the #30daylivechallenge you'll have all the confidence you need to succeed with marketing yourself online.


The 30 Day Live Challenge is NOT….

  • It’s NOT a course full of Fluff and not enough stuff 
  • It’s NOT a group coaching program where the coach only shows up when they want 

#30daylivechallenge is...

The #30daylive challenge is absolutely the best way for you break out of your comfort zone and get completely confident on camera so you can put yourself out there without any doubt and and grow your personal brand and business!


Total Value: $97


The BAD NEWS is:

  • Most People don't have what it takes to complete this challenge
  • It's NOT easy going live for 30 consecutive days
  • It’s NOT going to stay $FREE for long
  • ​It’s NOT going to change your life if you don't join and stay committed 


Every single person that has made the commitment and stayed the course to complete this challenge...
  • Gained Complete Confidence
  • Got completely comfortable on camera 
  •  Started Crushing it on their Facebook Lives

Get These Free Bonuses When You Join Today!

Bonus #1

Private Facebook Group

Oh great, another Facebook group to join!

The difference between this Facebook group and others is that Coach Corey doesn't hold the reigns on his members. In fact, he encourages his Unlimited Lifers to treat the group as if it's their own!

You'll never have to think about "Is it ok for me to go live in this group" or "Is the admin going to ban me if I post this."  

"This is Your Practice Field"

Coach Corey want's you to use this group as a place to practice, so feel free to Go Live and practice your pitch before you do it in your own group.

Watch other people do their pitch and give them your feedback.

Together we'll do it better!

Bonus #2

2 Organic Marketing Courses

Over the course of 3 years, Coach Corey has grown his followers into the thousands on multiply platforms, several times, and has profited big from his followings.

In this organic marketing course, Coach Corey shares with you every step of the way to build the know, like, and trust factor so you can do as he did and promote products to your followers without feeling ecky. 

Bonus #3

All The Canva Templates You Need To Run A Successful Business Online!

If all of this wasn't already enough... 

Coach Corey will be giving you all the Canva Templates you need to succeed.

Once You join the 30 Day Live Challenge, You'll get access to a private members only website where he shares with you extra trainings and Canva Templates to help you succeed after the 30 day challenge is complete.

Meet Coach Corey

I'm Coach Corey and Together We'll Do It Better!

After growing several of my Facebook groups to over 1,000 members in 90 days all organically, I started getting known as a Facebook group growth expert.

I was getting named dropped all over Facebook in other groups whenever a question came up as far as growing groups was concerned.

Everyone kept asking me my secretes to growing Facebook groups fast and my response was always simple...

Go Live!

The best way to get people to know, like, and trust you is by simply showing up for them in Facebook lives.

That's when I noticed how many people struggled with going live on Facebook and I knew it was just a matter of getting them out of their comfort zone and getting them confident on camera.

After learning this I made it my mission to help as many people as possible to do just that...Crush their comfort zone and get completely comfortable and confident on camera so they could build their personal brand and scale their business.

That's when The #30daylivechallenge was born!

I never would've guessed how powerful this challenge was until I started seeing the results the challengers were getting. Everyone that goes through the challenge comes out on the other side as a completely new person. I like to say its much like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. 

But don't take my word for it...

Check out What our Previous Challengers  

Have to Say



Changing lives...

not just facebook lives!

Total Value: $97


30-Day Money Back Guarantee...


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don't complete the challenge? 

Simply start over

Do I need a fancy camera to complete this challenge?

No, The camera on your phone or a simple webcam is all you need.

How do I know what the topic of the day is?

The topic of the day will be emailed to you with an example video with some extra tips inside.

How many times can I do the Challenge?

You can do the challenge as many times as you'd like!

How long do the live videos need to be?

You can make your live videos as long or as short as you'd like. 


Together We'll Do It Better!

Total Value: $97


If you have any questions or need further information,

please email us at: corey@unlimitedlifeacademy.com

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